Yes, I am updating my website.

Before you ask yourself (“wtf?”), yes I am updating my website. I’m considering the whats, the whys and the hows. In the meantime, WordPress is just fine. I would point my domain to it, but they charge a pretty penny for it, so I’ll maybe just keep my blog here, and put other stuff on… Continue reading Yes, I am updating my website.

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Working in the heart of the San Francisco startup scene

So I’m working in San Francisco temporarily, for a tech startup (what else?), who operate out of the WeWork building in Civic Center SF. I’m pretty impressed with the WeWork CoWorking Space, I really think it contributes to generating the vibe and success of its startups. In order to inform and inspire other cities, and particularly Barcelona (my adopted… Continue reading Working in the heart of the San Francisco startup scene

How to code a job searching AI Bot with Hubot and Slack

Part Four in my ongoing “job board” coding series (others here, here and here): Coding a bot to look for jobs for you. Facebook recently announced their chatbots thing: Chatbots are not that super new, but more fuel is now on the fire and chatbots are probably app-killers – So let’s make our own super simple one!

Quick Job Board with React Native

Part three of my “quick job board” series, this time for React Native — and deployable on mobile devices. This follows on from “quick job board in 48 lines of code” with Meteor, and the “quick job board with meteor and React” version.

KickstartPRO Launched on Studiopress Marketplace

So chuffed to have our KickstartPRO theme published to Studiopress Marketplace. The quality of themes here is so high I’m pretty blown away to be included. All credit (except design I guess) goes to co-founder Nick Davis for his awesome coding and his general positive kickass-ness. Take a look at KickstartPRO on Studiopress

Dribbble Invites Giveaway x2

Hello friends, I have a couple of invites to give away. So that I can check your work please: Paste your shot to my twitter, then follow me on Dribbble and like the invite post. So I can track you, see? Feel free to follow me on twitter and Dribbble if you like. Have fun. Derry

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Why I learned to code

Imagine walking into a library and not being able to read. That is how I felt to be living in this age of information and data without being able to code. Data is everywhere, hence information is everywhere. I work in tech, and as such I am privy to common knowledge (in the tech world)… Continue reading Why I learned to code

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